NETIS is for the passed 10 years a major player in Africa in the field of telecommunication.
We know perfectly our continent as we are African by heart.
We are permanetly based in 9 countries from West, Central to East Africa with our beloved team of more than 1000 employees .

  • Maintenance and support of cellular and FTTH networks (passive + active) for operators, suppliers and Tower Co.
  • Turnkey network deployment for operators and mobile telecommunications providers. – Mobile expertise from 2G to 5G.
  • MW transmission – MF and TNT broadcasting
  • FTTX and FTTH fiber optic networks, from field studies to design, from cable draw to customer installation.
  • Design and manufacturing partnership for galvanized pylons and accessories required for industrial and engineering applications.
  • Supply of generators, power systems, solar solutions, environmental systems and related products, batteries, IPBX …
  • Provider of telecommunications infrastructure products: Shelters, Site access control systems, Energy management hybrid …

NETIS range of skills and product is so large and rich as our business environment is.
You will find below and in related pages many details of what is NETIS services range but as we cover very enlarged scope with our 1100+ collaborators skills and expertise, you may not find what covers your needs. So, do not hesitate to contact us for any highlights and enquiries.
Our team is there to help, share and follow you.



  • Design of towers and accessories (GSM, power supply, shelters, antennas, fences, etc …),
  • Define and focus on the design and production of antenna supports and the realization of civil engineering,
  • Structural drawings of some parts of the pylon,
  • Preparation of packing lists for the installation of equipment and technical files,
  • Custom design of articles on “special request”,
  • Design and proposal of energy saving solutions – environmental impact and operating savings,
  • Site surveys and technical audits – in terms of structure and technical aspects,
  • Structural analysis of the pylons to be determined – tower status, loading capacity, reinforcement needs, refurbishment needs, etc… See DRONE by NETIS Services

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Maintaining our customer sites and infrastructures is the soul of NETIS and our heart business since our early beginning. Oftenly hidden manpower and expertise, site care is as important as a real challenge.
With almost a decade of experience always daily reinvented with and by our field teams, we are working and growing with our close partners.
You are a telecom operator, a tower company or a private group that request a strong, organised and skilled contractor ? NETIS is there for you where ever you are.
Our teams are daily involved on any remote areas on the field for the most important target: our customer satifaction to ensure his hown clients are happy.

Full Maintenance services – ACTIVE, PASSIVE, REFUELLING, …
  • Maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure, preventive and corrective maintenance: towers, shelters, AC / DC power supply, other infrastructures,
  • Maintenance of active equipment: GSM and transmission (support contracts), preventive and corrective: PDH / SDH Network & BSS – preventive and corrective: Networks & Hub Stations by satellite and remote control,
  • “Turnkey” maintenance of passive equipment for GSM operators: power, civil infrastructure, air conditioning, electrical systems,
  • Site maintenance: fencing, cleaning, fumigation,
  • Radio Optimization.

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With only 3 years of existence NETIS fiber optics department has deployed almost 1000km of cable in 2018 with around 6000 subscribers connected.
NETIS is new in fiber optics, but brings professionals with more than 10 years experience in fiber optics and in the deployment of FTTx networks, which can put us at same level as other bigger companies.

Our team pulling FO cable in Gabon for a brand new FTTH Aerial Network

With a variety of services available  NETIS is able to give full support with the latest technologies to our clients like:

  • Consulting, where we allocate our best experts to your fiber project where he can advise and support you on all your needs and requests.
  • Training. Be it your internal teams or NETIS teams our training is top level giving your project the technical edge against your competitors.
  • Survey and Design at NETIS is made by a professional group that brings the best designers.
  • Postgre SQL programmers to create accurate design and design database solutions to add or track any change in the network.
  • Full Turn Key projects management from Survey, design, deployment, Maintenance and even Customer Home connection with full NOC and Dispatching

Be it Aerial or Underground cable deployment, NETIS teams are able to give you the best solution with quality and excellence at the best prices.
Not only NETIS is able to help you construct you FTTx Network but it can also help you with both maintenance and the After sales services.
Network Maintenance, subscriber Maintenance, Dispatch, Quality Control and Audits are all services that NETIS can give you to help you be the BEST in your business.
NETIS can also supply all the fiber optics materials you will need to make your fiber projects a reality.
NETIS is able to support your fiber business from start to end with the best quality.

With more than 5000 kilometers of cable pulled all over the continent, unnumerable splices, hundred of B2B satisfied and with thousands of customers we daily take care of, NETIS is your strong and trustable FO partner in AFRICA.

NETIS is now part of the FTTX Council Africa

Find out more about this FTTX corporate association, all events and actions
visiting their web site

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Agile Survey and Control with DRONE by NETIS Department

DRONE by NETIS - A NETIS Group Service

Taking advantages of altitude

For several years, the prospect of using the drone as a tool to accompany the telecom infrastructure audit campaigns or as a vector for radio measurement seemed rich and promising. However, until then, existing solutions did not really meet the needs in terms of agility, security and high-potential results.

BTS site geometry verification using Drone
BTS site geometry verification using Drone

NETIS has forged a technical partnership with a company specializing in mechatronics and main leading company as DJI. It has become possible to design tailor-made solutions adapted to our telecom businesses. These solutions are state of the art and are scalable, benefiting from all the reliable innovations of the field and optimizing the sensors (40K Photo & Video, Thermic, Lazer) to cover the needs and technical expectations…

Our Partners for Drones and Postprocessing solutions:

We are official representative on our footprint and behond of Arican continent:

WINGTRA One – The VTOL ultimate mapper available in
Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso, Gabon and propably in your country

Morocco, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Togo, Bénin, Nigeria, Niger, Gabon, Congo, DRC, Namibia, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia

Pix4D, the leader for drone imaging processing and analysis
with specific applications for 3D mapping, e-Agriculture and Emergency services

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Find below a non exaustive overview of our specific and uncommon products installed and improved all aver the African contiennet for our customers

  • Camouflage solutions for telecom infrastructures
  • Cell On Wheels (COW’S) – AllTech Communications (USA) – Willburt (USA) – TANTRI (SRI-LANKA) Authorized Distributor.
  • Rapid Deployment Unit.
  • Shelters – Customized on request for a simple or pre-manufactured package
  • Batteries – NETIS customised solution.
  • Energy solutions and generators
    • Energy Solution Products Widely Used by Telecom Operators and Other Advanced Industries Supply, Installation and Support.
    • Environmental Power Solutions – “Renewable Energy” for off-grid sites and sites with poor power supply, high efficiency Air Conditionning.
    • Wide range of Diesel generators and customised solutions.
  • Product Network Solutions and Telemetry, Management and Access Control
    • Installation, maintenance and support
    • Intelligent access control systems
    • Supply and installation

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