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NETIS GROUP is seeking an experienced “General Directors”
for its subsidiaries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Responsible for: Planning and execution of NETIS subsidiary’s strategic objectives in order to achieve its strategic goals and mission. English / French required and minimum 5 years of experience in the Telecom Industry in SSA.

Come join our energetic and innovative team! We offer you the opportunity to play a leading role in the growth of our company, work as part of a creative and committed team.

Thanks to send your application and CV (Mail tittle = General Director) ONLY at this email adress:


  • The General Director (GD) is responsible for the strategic leadership, management and direction of NETIS subsidiary as per NETIS Holding Board approval of the corporate plan & compliance to regulatory policies and governance.The GD is accountable for the overall operationsof NETIS telecommunication infrastructure with focus on Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, Leadership and Direction, Executive Leadership and People Management, Business Development and Customer Agenda/Value Propositions, Audit, Risk Management & Compliance, Corporate and Social Responsibility.


  • Lead in conjunction with the Board, the development of NETIS’long and short term strategy, implement the Strategic Financial, Operations and Maintenance plans.
  • Increase revenues and reduce costs in order to ensure the highest level of profitability.
  • Manage effectively all aspects of NETIS according to the strategic plan and annual work plan, ensuring that the delivery of outputs and activities and resource management is of high-quality and in line with time frames and authorized annual budgets.
  • Assess the principal risks of NETIS and ensure that these risks are being monitored and managed.
  • Ensure effective internal controls and management information systems are in place.
  • Ensure that NETIS has appropriate systems to enable it to conduct its activities both lawfully and ethically.
  • Ensure that NETIS maintains high standards of corporate social responsibility wherever it does business.
  • Communicate effectively with shareholders, employees, Government, authorities, other stakeholders and the public.
  • Keep abreast of all material undertakings and activities of NETIS and all material external factors affecting NETIS and ensure that processes and systems are in place to ensure that the Managing Director of NETIS is adequately informed,
  • Ensure that the Country Directors are properly informed and that sufficient information is provided to the Board to enable the Directors to form appropriate decisions.
  • Abide by specific internally established control systems and authorities, leading by personal example and encouraging all employees to conduct their activities in accordance with all applicable laws, standards and policies, including its quality, environmental, occupational health and safety policies.
  • Operationalize proper governance structures and operational manuals.
  • Report on a regular basis to the Board about progress achieved with the implementation of activities; ensures proper monitoring and evaluation systems are in place and operational in daily work.
  • Organize Annual General Meetings, which include advance preparation of AGM agenda and discussion materials such as progress reports, annual work plans.
  • Facilitate timely procurement of goods and services for the implementation of activities working closely with the Procurement/Contracts Committee, and ensures approved procurement procedures are being followed.
  • Ensure corporate and regulatory compliance i.e. filling of returns, tax and social security payments.
  • Keep abreast with key changes in policy environment, regulations, strategic focus of development partners and market developments.
  • Responsible for the over all operations of NETIS with particular focus on Operations & Maintenance process/services and Supply Chain.
  • Provide staff with relevant guidance, professional development and training opportunities to encourageindividualdevelopment.
  • EnsureNETISisrunningsmoothlyandefficientlyin accordance with the business development plans & objectives.
  • Build adiverse organization that reflects the market place through team work and effective leadership.
  • Conduct quarterly business reviews to ensure performance to the annual business plan targets.


  • The candidate must settle in one of the countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa zone
  • Over 10 years of work experience in the telecommunication infrastructure industry inclusive of 5-7 years in senior executive management position in telecommunication industry in SSA.
  • Master’s Degree or Post Graduate qualification in business administration or, engineering, or a related discipline with an additional two years of relevant work experience.
  • Work experience in business management ; multi-stakeholder coordination, networking at industry, country levels.
  • Understanding how telecommunication functions and the role in promoting market and business development.
  • Demonstration of high business acumen, able to develop and implement strategies.
  • Knowledgeable about and demonstrates positive relationships with relevant public and private stakeholders in the telecommunication infrastructure industry.
  • Member of a professional body.


Management and Leadership

  • Lead teams effectively and shows conflict resolution skills.
  • Build strong relationships with clients and external stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
  • Demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills, french and english. 

Operational Effectiveness

  • Excellent project management skills.
  • Ability to lead strategic planning, results-based management and reporting Strategic Partnerships.
  • Effectively network with partners seizing opportunities to build strategic alliances relevant to NETIS.
  • Focus on impact and result for the client and respond positively to feedback.

Thanks to send your application and CV (Mail tittle = CEO) only at the email adress provided on advertising image above

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