We are very happy to welcome you on our brand new NETIS Group web site.
With the fusion of NETIS branches as a Big and Structured International Group, it was the neccessary time to refurbish our image. New Logo, New Web Page, increased presence on social-medias to highlight this NETIS Group new era.

The last ten years have been a real adventure for NETIS team. From our birth spot in Ivory Coast  to the 9 subsidiaries that the Group is now handdling, this NETIS journey gave us a lot of hard time as well as joy and very valuable range of experiences, expertise, diversity and a real faith in what we do daily.
We resume that in our “Synergy of Experiences” punch line, but above any commercial signal, this visible Synergy is what makes all of us proud of our achievements, being part of NETIS familly and leads us to push the future forward.

NETIS Group footprint over African Continent

Head Quarters

Our NETIS Group headquarters are based in Morocco at Casablanca and on Mauritius Island. A team of 10 people animated by our CEOs Jean-Claude Figali and Jean Farhat.

Permanent subsidiaries

With 8 permanent subsidiaries and aroud 30 regional officies, NETIS foot print is areal web for our partners that appriciate our reavtivity and our quick capacity of projection on the field.

  • BURKINA FASO in Ougadougou and Bobo Dioulasso with 107 collaborators
  • GABON in Libreville with 100 collaborators
  • GHANA in Accra with 319 collaborators.
  • IVORY COAST (our historical entity) in Abidjan with 121 collaborators
  • KENYA in Nairobi with our 37 collaborators
  • TANZANIA in Dar Es Salam with 153 collaborators
  • TOGO in Lomé with 49 collaborators
  • UGANDA in Kampala with 178 collaborators
  • BENIN in Cotonou with 1 collaborators as the company is on-old

With this presence in Africa, NETIS has been able to build partnerships with leading Operators, main Tower Co., OEMs, governments and private companies.
The resulting experience allows NETIS to offer its clients quality work while remaining competitive, making it a partner of choice for all telecom activities on the continent.

NETIS is deeply involved in Quality and HSE processes.
We pay special attention to the working conditions of our employees and partners through our internal SHERQ department.
Our main operation are individually ISO certified as well as NETIS Group