Episode N°5 – EMMANUEL
FTTH OSP Manager – NETIS Togo

Today we are pleased to introduce our OSP Manager, AGLINYA Yawo.

Commonly called Emmanuel, my name is AGLINYA Yawo.

Married and father of 3 children, Emmanuel has been OSP Manager (Outside Plant) within the telecommunications company NETIS TOGO for almost two years.

After studying telecommunications in 2005, he put his skills to work for Radio Lomé and Radio Zéphyr as a sound technician, and for Niamtougou Airport by installing air navigation aids.

“My determination and my dynamism propelled me into TELECOM Entreprise where I had to install FH and GSM networks running through Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin for 7 years”.

“I joined NETIS practically from the start of the fiber optic (FTTH) project with CANALBOX in 2018 as Assistant Manager OSP and then I moved to the position of Manager.

My job is to plan the fiber optic print from the POP to the installation of an optical distribution box to the subscriber. I also supervise the supervisors and technicians during the drawing and the welding of the optical fiber “.

Emmanuel attaches great importance to a job well done without necessarily expecting anything in return. “This is also what I pass on to my team so that whatever the conditions, the job is done well.”

“At NETIS Togo, I particularly appreciate the internal organization and harmony.
I thank all the management of NETIS TOGO for trusting me”

NETIS Togo and NETIS Group, One Team One Vision.

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