Episode N°4 – ROMARIC
FTTH Customer Technician – NETIS Togo

Previously an electrical technician, then an assembly technician at ULSEM-TOGO, Romaric has been an ISP Technician at NETIS Togo for a year.

Passionate about electricity, he trained for two years in electrical engineering after obtaining his technical baccalaureate.
His curiosity and his desire to learn projected him into the field of telecommunications.

“My job at NETIS is to connect new FTTH clients to fiber optics network to allow them to benefit from a very high speed connection at home.I am also in charge of maintenance operations.

My goal is to carry out my work with professionalism to satisfy the client ”. In addition to his work Romaric enrolled in evening classes for telecommunications training in order to improve and develop his skills.

” I am fortunate to have two compensations:
That of my employer, and the smile of the customers after a job well done.”

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