Episode N°3 – FELICIA

Why did you join Netis Ghana?

Felicienne ATSOU, 24, is a FTTH Dispatch Supervisor at NETIS Togo.

A graduate of a Master 2 in Management Control Audit, Félicienne ATSOU joined NETIS in October 2018 as a Dispatch Agent. Her skills and qualities have promoted her to the position of “Dispatch Supervisor” where she has been overseeing a team of six since April 2019.

Why did you join the NETIS Group?

By ensuring the installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment in general, and optical fiber in Togo, NETIS plays a key role in the accessibility of the Internet, a real gateway to the economic development of the country. The telecommunications sector is a highly competitive service sector, where quality issues are business issues and the implementation of a QSE management system, is a real guarantee of operational control for our customers.

In Netis we never quit, excellence is everything we do, total quality management, integrity and smart solution is our hallmark.

What is your job role?

My job role is to keep operation supported as well as keeping our clients satisfied.

“As a Dispatch Supervisor, my mission is to support my team, produce periodic reports on daily production and quickly report all recurring or important problems to our hierarchy to find lasting and effective solutions.”

I’m permanently in between the customer to schedule installation with them and our operational teams. My main goal is kipping a permanent spirit of quality as well as an efficient service.

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