COMFORT – Project Support Manager at NETIS Ghana

Why did you join Netis Ghana?

Netis Ghana is one of the key players in the maintenance, infrastructure and power solutions in the Telecommunications industry in Ghana.

Netis have a well-structured and management style of ensuring that organizational objectives are achieved. As a young lady, I dream to work in an environment that I see the organizational objectives, mission and vision in line with my career goals and advancement and I see Netis having this vision.

In Netis we never quit, excellence is everything we do, total quality management, integrity and smart solution is our hallmark.

What is your job role?

My job role is to keep operation supported as well as keeping our clients satisfied.

I work with a team who support with the preparation of quotation and proposals, budget control and tracking of project, change management, invoicing and archiving of operational data.

How do you feel being a woman working here at Netis?

Comfort: Though telecom industry is male dominated. As a woman working with Netis, I feel more appreciated and get sufficient support from management as well as my colleagues in achieving my KPIs and organizational goals.

What are some memorable moments working here at Netis?

NETIS always set memories worth remembering. The memories of being in a team that achieve our goals by supporting our operation team in achieving SLA’s beyond our client’s target.

“All work and no play, makes Jack a doll boy”. Having memories of being in a team that won 5 trophies at an annual Citi Olympics games organized for corporate institutions in Ghana. This brought our names on the waves of radio and national televisions. It always feels good to be part NETIS team.

Tell us some training program you have in Netis and how it has helped in your career advancement.

At NETIS the staff are trained and equipped in the work they do by ensuring that they transfer the learning experience to their field of work. I feel motivated whenever I have the opportunity to be selected for a training program. On- the- job training that I have received during my work here at Netis has really being beneficial to my career advancement


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