NETIS & GVA – A Fiber story

With a third network launched last week in CONGO, GVA (Groupe VIVENDI Africa ), extends its footprint in the world of the FFTH on the African continent.

NETIS Group-Fiber Optic Services
NETIS team in GABON working on FTTH transport deployment

For more than three years, the NETIS Fiber Optics teams have been supporting the VIVENDI Africa Group in its aerial FTTH deployments.

NETIS Group - FTTH Deployment
Aerial FO installation on commercial grid network

We cover for them in full partnership all or part of the technical operations and designs. From marketing qualification, design, deployment of network structures, maintenance and connection to customers’ homes, the teams of NETIS, more than 200 people spread over 3 countries, accompany GVA daily in total immersion in the heart their organization, subcontracting or consulting our experts.

NETIS is delighted with the remarkable success of GVA and we are proud to make a daily contribution to this success.

The fiber department of NETIS has grown in concert alongside this exceptional partner. Proof is that working in partners with the concerns of detail and a close collaboration guaranteed to all to achieve or exceed the objectives in the context of such operations.

NETIS Group - FTTH Deployment - 100km pulled in Togo
100km Pulled in Togo in August 2018

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