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What happens in an Internet Minute in 2019?

We start here a new category of posts dedicated to put highlights on subjects directly related or not to our Telecommunication world, Digital economy,New technologies on or nearby the african continent.

So. What about….

@netisgroup ? Yes we do fiber optic !
But for who and wich usage ?

In Africa, as worldwide, during an average workday, a single minute might seem negligible. If you’re lucky, a minute might buy you enough time to write a quick email, grab a coffee from the break room, or make small talk with a coworker.
But in other situations, a minute can also be quite extraordinary…
Imagine being a football player at Worl Cup final in overtime, or finding yourself in a life-and-death situation in which every second counts towards the outcome.

Visualizing a World Internet Minute

When it comes to gauging the epic scale of the internet, it would seem that each minute leans closer to the extraordinary side of the spectrum.

Below infographic from @LoriLewis and @OfficiallyChadd aggregates the online activity of billions of people globally, to see what an internet minute looks like.

WHAT ABOUT an INTERNET Minute in 2019

How is it possible that 188 millions of emails are sent worldwide every minute?
How does Google process 3.8 million search queries in such a short span of time?
Simply put, the number of actions packed into just 60 seconds is extraordinary.

A Side-by-Side Comparison

The internet is incredibly dynamic, which means there are always new and interesting segments that are emerging out of the internet’s ether.

WHAT ABOUT an INTERNET Minute in 2019 2018 versus 2018 side by side

To get a sense of this, take a look at the comparison of last year’s version of this graphic with the more recent entry:
Platforms such as Instagram and Netflix continue to grow at a blistering pace, while new categories such as smart speakers are quickly building a strong foundation for the future. Last year, for example, only 67 voice-first devices were being shipped per minute – and in 2019, there are now 180 smart speakers being shipped in the same window of time.
What will this look like in 2020?

But, WHAT ABOUT the african internet minute in 2019?

Good question…
After a quick search on browsers, difficult to find accurate and up to date values… Best you can find is 2015 & 2016. It’s already a clue.. It’s by concequence impossible to build a relevant pack of statistics in comparison.
But from the above sharts, sure that African continent is representing a very small part of this 2019 minute even if things are deeply improving.

With just 17% of the billion potential users and with probably around 10% of Internet world weight, the African continent still remains the poor relative of the Internet.

Internet in Africa-2018

The biggest challenge is, and will still remain for a moment access to connecxion for all. Logically, the economic “locomotives” countries of the continent drain the vast majority of accesses, but in addition the possibility of connecting remains confined to large cities, and still too often at very elitist costs.

World Internet Access rate - 2015

What is certain is that the Internet is expanding and we, NETIS, are working daily to connect more and more people, maintain them with an operational solution and whether with 3 or 4G Mobile, the ADSL or FTTH.

We are witness to the exponential growth of Internet access on the continent and are proud to be part of this evolution.
However as the infographics show, the way to go is still long.

Going Sideways or Backwards

Interestingly, even as more and more people gain access to the internet around the world each year, there are still parts of the web that are plateauing or even shrinking in size.
You’ll see that Facebook logins and Google searches both increased only incrementally from last year. Further, the amount of emails getting sent is also quite stagnant, likely thanks to to the rise of workplace collaboration tools such as Slack Snap is another story altogether. In the last year, the app saw a decrease in millions of users due to the infamous redesign that helped torpedo the app’s rising popularity.

Regardless, we’re certain that by this time next year, an internet minute will have changed significantly yet again and we hope to be abble to say that Africa will count always more in this story.



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