INES-SHERQ Manager at NETIS Togo


INES – SHERQ* Manager at NETIS Togo

Why did you join the NETIS Group?

I joined the NETIS firstly for the meaning that I find in the mission of the company. By ensuring the installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment in general, and optical fiber in Togo, NETIS plays a key role in the accessibility of the Internet, a real gateway to the economic development of the country.At the same time, the telecommunications sector is a highly competitive service sector, where quality issues are business issues and the implementation of a QSE management system, which I am in charge of, is a real guarantee of operational control for our customers.

What is your job?

My job is to sustainably register the quality-safety-environment requirements in the company’s strategy and activities, and to ensure the satisfaction of our internal and external customers. In short, I support the management in strategic risk management, I accompany managers in steering the overall performance of their processes, and I am the preferred contact for employees in the field of health and safety at work.

How do you feel as a woman at NETIS Togo ?

I think that my taking office testifies, if need be, that in the NETIS Togo team, priority is given to skills and not to gender. And in addition to the confidence of my management to deploy the QHSE/RSE, my new colleagues have given me a warm welcome so far so good.


SHERQ is NETIS internal achronym given to QSE/HSE group organisation and management. SHERQ processes are embeded in any of our activities and close related with our ISO management and certification.

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